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Graduation 2019: Legacy VAPA Traditions Continue
Posted 6/7/19

The 2019 Commencement Ceremonies for the Wonderful Legacy VAPA Class of 2019 were on June 6 at South Gate Municipal Auditorium. CONGRATS to all of our graduates!

Special thanks to Class Sponsor, Bridgette Spencer, and our office support staff, school support staff, counseling team, and fantastic classroom teachers!


Behind the scenes: what happens before the graduates enter the auditorium for graduation?


Our Commencement Ceremonies have their own special traditions. As the graduates are getting ready to start the procession, they are taking the last few selfies and group pictures, and checking out all of the cap decorations, I play the bagpipes for them. This is a special time for them and I really rarely play at school or events. We also try to have students involved throughout the ceremony. They sing the Star Spangled Banner, the Band plays a feature and the procession, a choir comprised of seniors just for this event perform (Senior Choir), and, this year, our much-loved mariachi ensemble played and led the procession out of the auditorium. I try to include as many students as possible in my speech, highlights experiences shared before giving out a few bits of advice and a quote or 2. On stage, I take as much time as needed to greet my students, sometimes quickly talking to them before they leave the stage, and afterwards, I stay as long as is needed to talk to as many of the graduates as possible and take as many pictures as they want to take with their families. I love graduations. This is the joyous time when we celebrate the growth and success of our students, and it is such a great affirmation of why we do the work we do. Good luck, VAPA Class of 2019. We love you and we'll miss you!   

                                                            - Dr. Edward Trimis, Principal


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