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Meet the Team

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Meet the Team


Ms. Stacie Craig was born to write, since she couldn't sing, dance, or mime. She originates from Los Angeles, where she started her love affair with writing. At the tender age of 6, Stacie wrote her first novel, All About Stacie. Then at 7, she made her theatrical debut in a play she wrote, starred and directed, Magic Shoes. When Stacie was 9 her mother decided to move to Southern Illinois, which is no where near Chicago. Growing up in the Midwest helped Stacie develop her keen sense of humor, because everything is funnier in Illinois. All through high school and college Stacie did the normal tour of duty, as far as writing was concerned; poems, essays, and standards. Then in graduate school she was reunited with her soul mate, theatre. Stacie attended graduate school at Southern Illinois University in Carbondale. There she mastered the craft of playwriting and drinking coffee at night. She also discovered she had a passion for television, especially during finals week. It was this passion and her Mustang that drove her back to Los Angeles with dreams of stardom and Oscars. Back in Los Angeles Stacie began working in the glamorous world of television, in entry level positions. She was a production assistant, art department assistant, writers' assistant and casting assistant. Her ability to assist is still unmatched, even by today's standards. Stacie worked in the entertainment industry in almost every capacity, except writer. Therefore, after the birth of her son she gave up her Hollywood career and became a public school teacher in South Central Los Angeles. Although Stacie had given up on working in show business, she never gave up her dream of becoming a writer. In between raising her son and teaching school, Stacie continued to write scripts. As a mother and school teacher with no social life, she and television became friends again. She began writing for children and writing felt like it did in the beginning, fun. These days Ms. Craig finds herself at Legacy VAPA mentoring the next generation of Hollywood and Broadway writers. It's hard for her to believe, after many years in the entertainment industry and in public school teaching, Stacie is another Hollywood overnight success story.



Mr. Anthony Tamborino was born and raised in Stamford, CT and went to college at Syracuse University (where our current president, Joe Biden went to law school). He majored in English and Communications and then moved out to Los Angeles, where he worked in television doing post-production jobs on several TV series for the History Channel and TLC. However, he then remembered that one his dream jobs his whole childhood growing up had been to be a teacher, and he changed careers, getting his master's degree from the School of Education at UC - Irvine. Mr. Tamborino has been at VAPA since 2018 teaching - the ELD, 9th grade and ERWC English courses. He loves books and encourages everyone to pick up a good read when they have the time. In his spare time, he likes to hang out with his partner and two cats in their Long Beach home, play his Nintendo Switch, go bowling, bake desserts, and hike the different mountains in Southern California. Go Legacy Tigers!

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Mr. Marcelo Sanna-Pickett has been a teacher at Legacy VAPA for several years and is the primary teacher and director of the Dance Academy. Sanna-Pickett holds a Master of Arts in Dance from California State University, Long Beach, and was a California League of Schools Teacher of the Year finalist. “As a dedicated, resourceful, and innovative educator, I strive to establish an atmosphere built on trust and rapport so students will be engaged and motivated to reach their potential.  It is my desire to balance individualized instruction with whole-class instruction to foster critical thinking and to facilitate the acquisition of life-long learning skills.  It is my belief that all students, with the help of innovative strategies and the right tools, have the ability to learn to their full potential.  It is my desire to make a positive difference in the lives of my students and help them recognize the value of physical activity as being both enjoyable and important for lifelong health.”




Ms. Valerie Espinoza is the newest staff member on faculty at Legacy VAPA. After serving the VAPA community as a Teachers Assistant and Student teacher, she may be joining the faculty as our vocal music teacher in Spring, 2021. Ms. Espinoza completed her BA and credential at California State University, Los Angeles, after attending Lynwood High School. Ms. Espinoza is also very involved as a community music teacher and assistant for the LAUSD All-city Marching Band.






Mr. Juan Cuevas graduated in 2008 with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Music Education form California State University Los Angeles. He attended Huntington Park High School where he was a music student of Dr. Trimis. In Fall of 2016 he took over the Legacy VAPA High School music program where he has currently been building the program by starting a Marching Band, Jazz Ensemble, Mariachi, and an AP Music Theory class coming 2018/19 school year. During Mr. Cuevas’ first year at Legacy VAPA he led the marching band to 2nd place in the South Gate Children’s Lane Parade competition, and 1st place in the Jazz Band Music in the Parks competition in San Francisco.  His passion for teaching has led Mr. Cuevas to continue his education and will be graduating with Master’s Degree in Education this Spring and is constantly reminding his students that “…the saddest thing in life is wasted talent, and the choices that you make will shape your life forever.” -Chazz Palminteri.


Mr. Gustavo Giron is VAPA's Tech Theatre director and video/theatre assistant. After completing AA requirements at East Los Angeles College, Mr. Giron is completing his BA in Technical Theatre at California State University, Long Beach.